Чит коды на Wanderers From Y's (SNES)

Debug mode:

Reset the SNES after a game is in progress. Quickly press
Up, Down, Up, Down, Select,
Start on controller two when the American Sammy logo appears.
Select the "Continue" option and enter any saved game
file. Press Select to display the option screen and then
enter the status screen. Press Start on controller two
at the status screen. The word "Debug" will appear next
to "Status" to confirm correct code entry. You will
be invincible when game play is continued.

Sound test:

Press Select during game play to display the command
window, then press Select on controller two to enter sound
test mode.

Easy battle:

Face Adol to the left in the mine area. Hold Attack
to defeat all the orcs that appear from this direction.

Demonicus battle:

Enter the following password:

hSzz4 FHzSoao Z1pZpaG

8G8oa oYwSwRw AADdpZp

ddddd ddddddd ddddddd

dddd4 FF
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