Чит коды на Top Gear 2 (SNES)

Drive super car in any country:

Power on the Super Nintendo and and highlight use the "Continue
Game" option to enter 4N85 BJR6 6HJ5 8#H65 RNM## as
a password. Highlight the "End" option and press the
A. Begin game play, pause the raice, and press L
+ R to return to the menu. Use the "Options"
selection and choose the desired difficulty level. Select a country
and press A. Press A at the "Password"
screen. Ignore the "Invalid Password" message and press
Start. Highlight the "Continue Game" option and
start game play with the displayed password.

FTrack Password
Australasia (none)
Britain (P63 <JMC N(RR >)P85 TPN??
Egypt W574 >)PB GRYL GL3MM ?87NN
France JCFB Q5Y# #(W? )>#WR <?#RR
Germany ?#)# HF#8 P8DQ TWP>( VQP((
Greece 4HHD T549 7DCY M1RGB 743HH
India 7CD> PJ#V CRT# N?L#9 YTR<<
Ireland ?NWR 7345 29(( C3N?# 1VT>>
Italy 68>( LTP3 VGDP 8>P?# 1VT>>
Japan 7(B) M(VN YYC5 GQ6LJ )#9QQ
Scandinavia 7W3Y ?HQ( 5)87 JT8NM >(?TT
South America WV3Y ?QF> R)#5 GQ6LJ )#9QQ
Spain 5RJ6 WFB2 C8R2 CM3GF #76MM
Switzerland L1RP 539Y GRFJ 5(L87 VQP((
United States #MB< NW29 G(CT (FV>< 521FF
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