Чит коды на The Peace Keepers (SNES)

Hidden fighters:

Hold L + R + A at the Jaleco logo screen.
Release the buttons when the "Press Start" text is displayed.
Nortin and Orbot will be available on the character selection

Fight as same character:

Highlight the "1P Game" option at the title screen
and hold L + R + Down on controllers one
and two. The "2P Game" option should automatically become
highlighted. Press Start on controller one. Both players
may now select the same character for game play.

Desperation move:

When fighting as Flynn with very low life, face right, hold
R, and press Down, Down/Right, Right,
X. Flynn will turn red and gain extra power.

Hint: Super moves at any time:

When playing as Flynn, Echo, or Prokop, grab an opponent from
the front. Sweep the D-pad in a ½-Circle towards
the direction your character is facing and press the Attack
button to execute the super attack. For Norton or Al, execute
the same motion when you grabbing your opponent from behind.
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