Чит коды на The Legend Of The Mystical Ninja (SNES)

Unlimited hamburgers:

Enter vxZ++ lh:@Y nn3+1 $T+KK hG:!< +!+X@ r as a

Always win at least $50 in lottery:

Rapidly tap B during the lottery drawing.

Extra supplies:

Enter 6*KjG RVGG! yBgMR %^G:: v&gt;G=* GRPG* ? as a
password on the logbook entry screen. This password is intentionally
invalid. Do not erase the invalid password. Use the arrows at
the bottom of the screen to return to the beginning of the page.
Enter rzT$&gt; L1&gt;X9 q+TD^ ZR&gt;?? q/&gt;zD &gt;^H&gt;z
: as a password over the invalid password. Game play will
begin at level 9 with Kid Ying. Press A on controller two
to start Dr. Yang with extra items.
Zone Kid Ying Dr. Yang Two-player
1 [Triangle]L&lpl VyNKKK 12-;/:2
2 h8HTYK 1t">D< :jz20";
3 +ZH676 vYH%9% zV102!/
4 zdh1[Triangle]1 66V!?! n[Heart]xBGby
5 <q!t4t K4dJgJ &5L=[Heart]@5
6 W:qLXL dzg+P+ QPwmk5R
7 PJ?VxV L[Triangle]MQqQ !Kqyp-"
8 Z+<HWH j/>?$? [Triangle]?lkm9J
9 q<h@l@ DNb$%$ t#[Triangle]97Rv
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