Чит коды на The Addams Family (SNES)

Snap Thing's fingers:
Press L + R during the opening sequence to snap Thing's fingers.
Start with power-up:
Watch the game in demonstration mode. Press Start when Gomez takes an
item to begin the game with the same item.
Secret power-up room:
At the start of the game, enter the hall of stairs and move to the left.
Press Up after passing the last door on the left to enter a secret door
that leads to Pugsley's Den. Go through thesecond secret door to reach
a hidden power-up room behind the stairs.
Extra lives:
Move to the left edge of the screen instead of going through one of the
two doors at the "Continue/Quit" screen that appears when a game is over.
You will enter a secret room that contains four extra lives. To
immediately display the "Continue/Quit" Screen, press Start during game
play, highlight the quit option and press Select.
During game play, find the bear's mouth that is not a source for the
small bears. Walk into this mouth to find extra lives.
Basement passage:
Enter the music room and wait for the music to end. The passage to the
basement will now be accessible.

Password Effect
11111 100 lives
&#KKN Start
V1913 After Pugsley
B&J15 After Grandma
BD#K4 After Wednesday
BL91B After Fester
BZXYC 5 Hearts, Pugsley rescued
BDSXY 72 Lives, Granny rescued
BLKX8 72 Lives, 5 Hearts, only Morticia missing
B&1&B 80 Lives, 5 Hearts, Granny & Pugsley rescued
71117 100 Lives, 3 Hearts, Sword
W111W 100 Lives, 4 Hearts, Sword
21112 100 Lives, 5 Hearts, Sword
BLS&P Final door open
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