Чит коды на Tetris Attack (SNES)


Select two player mode, choose the Vs. option, hold L
+ R on controllers one and two, and press A on controller
two. To cancel, repeat the code and press B on controller
two instead of A.

Challenge mode:

Select one player mode, choose the Vs. option and the hard
difficulty level. Hold L + Up and press A
or Start. The screen will turn red to confirm correct code

Expert mode:

Press B, A, L(2) when Yoshi appears and
says "Nintendo" in the opening sequence. A sound will
confirm correct code entry.

Bonus characters:

Hold L + R on controllers one and two for approximately
five seconds at the player vs. player character selection screen.
The question marks at the bottom of the player vs. player character
selection screen will be replaced by images of the bosses.

Play as rescued characters:

Start single player versus mode game against the CPU. Defeat
Lakitu and hold X + Y when the phrase confirming
that he is free appears. A character selection screen will appear.
This may be done after defeating each character.

Final battle on hardest difficulty:

Enter S6DJNB72 as a password.


One player stage clear mode passwords:

Level Password
1-5 N4JZN5KZ
2-5 &RG8NB&X
3-5 XXG!NGI5
4-5 >MNHS?


Puzzle mode passwords:

Note: Use the first character in parentheses for the regular
levels or the second character for the extra levels.

Level Password Level Password
1-01 FP5D29(C,J)! 4-01 FPJD29(C,J)Y
1-02 FP5J29(C,J)K 4-02 FPJJ29(C,J)B
1-03 FPSD29(C,J)3 4-03 FPLD29(M,G)!
1-04 FPSJ29(C,J)P 4-04 FPLJ29(M,G)K
1-05 FP%D29(C,J)D 4-05 FPHD29(M,G)3
1-06 FP%J29(C,J)R 4-06 FPHJ29(M,G)P
1-07 FP9D29(C,J)Z 4-07 FP4D29(M,G)D
1-08 FP9J29(C,J)? 4-08 FP4J29(M,G)R
1-09 FPBD29(C,J)2 4-09 FP2D29(M,G)Z
1-10 FPBJ29(C,J)4 4-10 FP2J29(M,G)?
2-01 FPYD29(C,J)H 5-01 FP&D29(M,G)2
2-02 FPYJ29(C,J)L 5-02 FP&J29(M,G)4
2-03 FP6D29(C,J)N 5-03 FPTD29(M,G)H
2-04 FP6J29(C,J)X 5-04 FPTJ29(M,G)L
2-05 FP7D29(C,J)T 5-05 FPXD29(M,G)N
2-06 FP7J29(C,J)& 5-06 FPXJ29(M,G)X
2-07 FPFD29(C,J)C 5-07 FPND29(M,G)T
2-08 FPFJ29(C,J)M 5-08 FPNJ29(M,G)&
2-09 FP1D29(C,J)1 5-09 FPPD29(M,G)C
2-10 FP1J29(C,J)F 5-10 FPPJ29(M,G)M
3-01 FPMD29(C,J)J 6-01 FP3D29(M,G)1
3-02 FPMJ29(C,J)G 6-02 FP3J29(M,G)F
3-03 FPCD29(C,J)Q 6-03 FPKD29(M,G)J
3-04 FPCJ29(C,J)8 6-04 FPKJ29(M,G)G
3-05 FP8D29(C,J)9 6-05 FP!D29(M,G)Q
3-06 FP8J29(C,J)% 6-06 FP!J29(M,G)8
3-07 FPQD29(C,J)S 6-07 FP?D29(M,G)9
3-08 FPQJ29(C,J)5 6-08 FP?J29(M,G)%
3-09 FPGD29(C,J)7 6-09 FPZD29(M,G)S
3-10 FPGJ29(C,J)6 6-10 FPZJ29(M,G)5
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