Чит коды на Super Mario Kart (SNES)

Mini racers:

Select the Mario Kart GP mode. Hold Y and press A
at the character selection screen to shrink your racer. Alternatively,
highlight a character and press A + B + X
+ Y.

150cc class:

Win a gold in the Mushroom, Flower, and Star Cup races in
the 100cc class followed by a gold in the Special Cup race. A
150cc class option will appear on the class selection screen.

Race a ghost CPU:

Select the One Player Time Trial mode. Press Start
on controller two at the player selection screen. The word "COM"
will flash in one of the boxes above the drivers. Use controller
two to choose the CPU player, then choose your player and start
game play.

Race yourself:

Select Time Trial mode, choose a character and begin game
play. Finish the race with a first place time. Select the "Retry"
option to race against yourself.

Switch screens:

Begin a One Player Grand Prix race and press B on controller
two. Select a One Player game with controller two. Hold L
+ R and press Start on controller two. Select the
class, driver, and track with controller two and begin game play.

Rotate screens:

Enter Time Trial mode, choose a character and begin racing.
During game play, do not hit anything or fall off the track. Select
the "Retry" option after the race. Press R and
L to rotate the screen.

Rear view mirror:

Select One Player Time Trial or Mario Kart GP modes. Press
X during game play.

Extra credits:

Finish three races in the same position.

Drive in the dark:

Begin game play in Battle Mode. When a player has one balloon
remaining, hold B until losing a life. The player may continue
to race in the dark.

Map on top:

Plug a controller into port two. Power on the SNES. Highlight
one player mode on the main menu. Hold L + R and
press Start(2). Select the engine class, driver, and track.
Begin game play to race with the map on top and the race screen
on the bottom.

Disable music:

Rapidly tap Start until the music ends. The game will continue
with only sound effects until a star is used.

Special cup tracks:

Select Time Trial mode, choose a racer, and press Left
to highlight the Mushroom Cup. Press L, R, L(2),
R(2), A. A Special cup option will appear under
the Star cup.

Turbo start:

Hold B just as the Lakitu's first light flashes.

Reset all saved data:

Press L + R + Y + A at the title

Reset race times:

Press L + R + Y + A at the appropriate
time trial.
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