Чит коды на StarFox (SNES)

Object test:

Use the following buttons to control objects in the game at
the "Continue" screen.

Horizontal rotation: Left or Right

Vertical rotation: Up or Down

Stop rotation: X

Zoom in: L

Zoom out: R

Object trails: Hold A and move D-pad

Change objects: Press Start, Select, Y,
B, or the D-pad on controller two

Hint: Warp Zone details:

The following information is about the warp zonethat James
McCloud (Fox's father) died investigating. Select the middle
road to Venom. After reaching the asteroid field, three sets
of five asteroids spinning in a line will appear. The middle
asteroid is red one, which indicates that it is destructible.
The camera angle should be inside for more precision. Get as
close as possible to the first middle asteroid and at the last
second, shoot it. Your ship might get hit by the remaining asteroid;
make sure your ship has enough shields remaining. It might be
a little longer (five to fifteen seconds) before your ship reaches
the next asteroid. Repeat your last second shots for the next
two asteroids. The third asteroid takes about one second to reach
after the second one. Be prepared to destroy it at the last second.
An asteroid with a weird gray smiley face with red eyes will
appear. Destroy this asteroid, which may be difficult, to open
a black hole. Do not fire at it; just fly through the black hole
to enter. There are three spinning circles of small objects in
the black hole spaced far apart. The third spinning circle leads
to Venom. If you pass by it, your ship will just start at the
beginning of the black hole level again, as if flying in a circle.
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