Чит коды на Star Trek: The Next Generation: A Final Unity (SNES)

Level select:

Press Y(2), X(2), A(2), B(2) at
the title screen. A tone will confirm correct code entry. Press
Start to pause game play, then press Y to display
the level selection screen.

View ending sequence:

Enter TFTTLTBV as a password.
Mission Password
Orientis Alpha IV Epidemic BGTTBTBU
Eunacian's Derelict Spacecraft CGTTBTBB
Trapped Miners on Orientis Gamma IIB DJTTCTBV
Trip to Codis Mu IV concerning Tavad GCTTCTBV
Rescue captured Nakamoti Freighter JFTTCTBV
Trip to Codis Mu VI Collect KFTTCTBB
Appearance of the IFD LQTTCTBB
Crystal Shard 1 LHTTMTBV
Crystal Shard 2 MGTTMTBV
Crystal Shard 3 NNTTHTBB
The Final Test PHTTNTBV
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