Чит коды на SimCity (SNES)

Erase all saved games:

Press L + R + Select.

Change landscape:

Start with a new city, select any landscape, and wait at least
ten seconds. Enter the total screen. Exit the total screen, enter
the save/load menu, then select the "No" option. Return
to the main menu, select the "Start New City" option,
and the landscape will change. This effectively doubles the amount
of maps.


Spend all of your money for a year. When the Tax Screen appears
at the end of the year, hold L. While this button, return
to the main game and press X(2) to display the tax screen
again and advance the month to January. The text "GO WITH
FIGURES" will be replaced with "GRO WITH FIGURES"
to confirm correct code entry. Increase all funding levels to
100%, exit the screen, and release L. Your account balance
will be $999,999.

Bonus casinos and amusement parks:

Choose a landscape that is not an island, but has a large
amount of water. There should be a body of water towards the middle
of the landscape. Create roads in a way to form a cross near the
middle of the landscape, near the water. The roads must continue
until reaching the edge of the map. Two to five casinos or amusement
parks may now be built.

Debug mode:
Warning: Using this code will delete your saved games.
Wait until the city appears during the opening sequence. Hold
L + R + Select and press Up(3), Left,
Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Right(2),
Left, Up(2), Down(2). A sound will confirm
correct code entry. The debug icon will appear on the menu when
game play begins.

Although posted as a valid code on other web sites, it does not function in
the retail version
of the game.
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