Чит коды на SeaQuest DSV (SNES)

Debug mode:
Press L, R, B, A, Left, Right, X, Y, Up, Down at the main
bridge screen.
Training passwords:
Enter one of the following passwords to start at the corresponding
level with 99 minisubs. After completion of the level, the game will
return to the title screen.

Mission Sector Password

WWII airplane 0 PLVT0NM
Rescue cavern 0 R3SCV3[SeaQuest logo]
Speeder chase 1 SP33D3R
Oil tanker 1 FIXTNKR
Reactor 1 R34CT0R
Security City 1 S3CVRTY
Darwin vs. Barrier 2 D4R[SeaQuest logo]WIN
Toxic waste 2 TOXIC4V
Prison security 2 PRIS0NR
Drug lab 2 DRVGL4B
Battleship bomb 2 B4TLSHP
Life support 2 SHI3LD[SeaQuest logo]
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