Чит коды на Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story (SNES)


I can't really read Japanese, only Katakana, so I won't be able to tell you what
the story is about apart from some snippets I may pick up. but I -can- tell you
the names of the different characters, magic attacks, etc. in the game, which
can be useful at times.

But on with the guide; here we go...


If you like you can sit through the endless introdemo. Ensuite, press start
in the introscreen and start a new game. Answer 'yes' to the

Part 1

Chapter 1: Her Destiny

You can touch the 'Rina P Ball' to save. Now leave the house. On the street you
will find a boy with a feathered cap. You'll find him troughout the game, and he
will sell you goods and restore your HP's. Go east into the town and find the
OSAP store. Fight the criminal, then leave the store and watch the event.

When you've got out of the bus, go into the building. After you hide behind the
pillars, talk to everyone. After the event go north, up the stairs. Go a bit
west and into the open train door. Go through the train and defeat the enemies
until you reach a guy lying on the floor and another event will happen.

After Rai is toasted, go through the door on your left and talk to the old man.
Now go outside and walk all the way west. Go into the hospital and walk up to
the top floor. Go into the first room next to the stairs and talk to the people
there. An enemy, disguised as a nurse will appear. Defeat her and watch the
event. From here on random enemy encounters can and will occur.

Go back into the town, then go south west, back to your home where you started
the game. Go up the stairs and in the middle room (south of the hallway) and
attack the monster.

After you defeated it, go back to the dojo where Rai was toasted. You will see
the other girls have been captured. Go west, to the mansion located in the
northwest of the centre town. (still east of the hospital) Work through all the
rooms. There is somebody to rescue on every floor. After you've rescued them all
you can go to the roof, where you will find your first adversary. You will not
have to defeat them, though.

Part 2

Chapter 2: Adventure of SailorMercury

You will drop off a cliff and a guy called Hans will rescue you.

After you climb out of bed, go outside and you will find yourself in the ice
village. Try leaving the village, then go back to the house you came from and
talk to Hans. Now you can leave the village by going east. Buy some Accesories
in the shop for better chances against the enemies here, because they are
noticably tougher when you're on your own.

Travel eastwards and you will find another village. You can buy more
items/accessories here and there's an inn too. Now walk on further through the
cavern and go into the first opening you see. From here on, take the right path,
which will lead you to an old doctor who will fall madly in love with you. He
will go with you, and you should take him back to Hans so he can look at the ill
girl. You will have to go fetch a plant. Go back to the place where the doctor
lives and go through the opening to the north. Answer 'yes' to the question and
go back to Hans's house and talk to the doctor.

Now head back again, but do not go into the first opening, go into the second
opening instead. Go down the stairs and explore the cavern and you will get into
a one-on-one fight with Nabu. After an unbelievably easy fight, she will attack
again. Make ABSOLUTELY sure you have depoison-items ready because she
has a frustratingly powerful posion attack. Get ready for the most boring fight
of the century.

Chapter 2: Adventure of SailorMars

After the event, walk through the temple to the large gem. You will be attacked
by a couple of monks. After beating them, more follow and, oddly enough, a guy
comes to your rescue. When you wake up, again, buy items, visit the inn, and
don't forget to equip your accessories. In the north-west of town is an opening
to a monster area with (initially) rock hard monsters. When you think you're up
to it, take the left path which will lead you to a village. In the temple north
of the village, talk to the guy in front and answer his question with yes. He
will run southwards. Now go back to the first village and walk into to big house
in the north. Go into the left room and a boy called Farek will join you. Now
head for the second village again and enter the temple. Once inside the temple
you will notice a statue that is different from the others. Examine it and you
will have to fight a boss. Be sure to have some more de-poison items because
this one uses that same poison again.

After the fight Farek will be kidnapped by Nergar. Go back to the first village
and you will see it's completely destroyed. Go into the big house where Farek
joined you earlier. Take the accesories from the two chests and equip them, then
head for the right path, which leads you to a cave. Walk to the northeast of the
cave and answer yes. A new entrance will appear, leading to a huge temple. Go
into the temple and walk up to the top floor. Here you will find Nergar. Defeat
her and it's the end of SailorMars' adventure.

Chapter 3: Adventure of SailorJupiter

After the event with a green haired guy called George, walk to the big
multi-storey house in the northeast. First, talk to the maid downstairs, then go
up and talk to George. Now head to the southwest and into the monster area. The
monsters are, again, very tough at first. After following the path you will find
a second village. Go to the house in the north with the man blocking the door.
He won't let you in. From here, walk a bit to the left and you will see a
pendant lying in the grass. Pick it up and you will fall into a house(?), where
George's wife/lover Mary joins you. Follow the path down the stairs (don't
forget to pick up the accesories and items in the chest along the way) and you
will find your way into a cave. Eventually you will stumble upon a big mansion
where you will meet Mardok.

After the scene go through the opening where George took you through in the
start of this adventure and you will be back where you began. Now go into the
big tree up north and you'll find Mardok here again. Follow her up the stairs
and you'll find her on a huge branch. After she falls down, answer yes to go
back to the bottom of the tree, or no to walk the whole way down yourself. When
you're at the bottom you'll have to fight her.

You're adventure is not over yet, though. Go back to George's house and talk to
the man upstairs (presumably George's father). He will join you, and together
you should go to the house in the other village, which was previously blocked by
a man. Mary (and her father) are here. After their argument is settled everybody
says goodbye and another adventure is over.

You'll be thrown right into the shoes of SailorVenus, who is out
treasurehunting. Go through the path, collecting all the treasure and you'll
stumble upon a big gem. After you take the gem, go back to where you came from
and you'll fall into a pit...

Chapter 4: Adventure of SailorVenus

After you regain consciousness, a group of madly in love men will come and
hassle you. While fleeing from them, Artemis has the brilliant idea to go into a
house. Someone suddenly enters the house and you hide in the bed. During the
ensuing conversation you are notified that the townspeople are going to have a
party. Now you should try to find a bloke with a blue hat and a brown robe.
There are loads of them across town. Talk to all of them until you find one
where, when you talk, Artemis mingles into the conversation. After you have
talked to him, go to the building in the north of the village. Go further north
and you will encounter Ishtar who will send four monster to attack you. Use your
Crescent Beam Shower magic attack and they will be dust before you can say
'level up'. After the fight, Ishtar will petrify everyone in the village, but
somehow you escape the spell.

If you go back you'll notice everyone has been petrified. Go to the cave in the
west and when the path splits up into two ways, leading to two different areas,
take the southern one, which leads you to a new town (oh dear, how linear can
you get). Go into the house below the item shop and you will be brought to the
temple in the north of the village.

Now go back and take the northern path, leading to a big mansion. Inside the
mansion, go up the stairs and you will find a boss. Defeat her and then leave
the mansion and go back to the northern building in the first village. You will
find Ishtar here again, who will summon a new boss for you to defeat. After his
defeat you will depetrify the village with your Crescent Beam.

Now that everybody is back to normal again, go to the cave entrance that was
previously blocked by the two petrified people. Step on the teleport-type device
and explore the building. You will soon find Ishtar. Defeat her (ridiculously
easy) and it's the end of this chapter.

Part 3

Go into the first door you see for a save point, talk to the guy with the
feathered cap to replenish your HP's. Now go into all the rooms and you will be
attacked by monsters. A kid called Angel will defeat them for you. Now go along
all the locked doors (there is one on each floor) and find the control room.
After you go in you will be attacked by monsters. Now go to the locked room on
the first floor. After the event, you and Angel will wake up in the woods, that
is; Angel will pass out and you will be left on your own crying for help from
SailorMoon ...

Meanwhile, Usagi is walking around bored in her room when Rina jumps through the
window. After a good talk, go outside and walk eastwards until you get to a
bus-stop. You might want to go to the OSAP store and buy at least 6 bracelets
first. Bracelets increase your attack power, and attack power will be extremely
low compared to defense power so bracelets will prove extremely useful.
Especially since the monsters here give far too few EXP to level. Equip 3
bracelets on each character and your hits will go from 10 to 75. If you feel
like it you can even throw in a manicure for good measure.

When you're done shoppping hop on the bus and it will take you to the school.
After yelling 'Moon Cosmic Power MakeUp!' go south, into a monster area. Open
the treasure chests and then go into the building. When you go into the basement
you will encounter a grey-haired guy who will summon 'Mistress 9'. After beating
her, you will have to fight Kaolinite. Beat Kaolinite as well and you will
discover that 'Mistress 9' is in fact SailorSaturn, and before you can yell
'Saturn Planet Power MakeUp' she joins your party. Now go after the evil
grey-haired doctor and defeat him too. After his defeat (should be an easy task
if you equipped 3 bracelets) follow the path and eventually you will meet the
doctor (apparently Saturn's father) again. If you choose yes, you'll have to
fight him again, if you don't want to, choose no. He dies either way, but he
gives good EXP points.

When you're ready, head for the bus again and head for the same building. You'll
find that SailorNeptune and SailorUranus are here. Uranus will teleport you to
the forest where ChibiMoon was. You'll soon find ChibiMoon standing next to
Angel. ChibiMoon joins your party and together you proceed into the cave.

At this point, LINK magic becomes very important, so this is a good time to try
and find all the link combinations of your current party members. Also, it is
important to decide which formation you will use as this affects the type of
formation magic you can use. There are a lot of accesories to be found in this
area, and some only give power when you use them on certain characters, so spend
some time on experimenting for the best configuration.

In the cave you will only encounter monsters at certain points. They are a form
of sub-bosses called DD-girls. You might want to save everytime you defeat one.
When you see a save point you know you've defeated the last one. From here on
walk to a piece in the wall that has a slightly different color at the top.
(dark blue instead of green) When you touch it, it will disappear and you will
meet Queen Beryl. After you defeat her she'll turn into Super Beryl and attack
you again with an incredibly powerful spell. After you've (inevitably) perished,
ChibiMoon and SailorMoon will seal the spell and you'll be able to defeat her
completely and earn tons of EXP.

Usagi obviously has something to be happy about, as soon as she comes to the
phone she starts cheering. And she doesn't stop until the beginning of...

Part 4

After you come out of the house, go east again. Instead of taking the bus,
though, go into the house that says 'maison'. Take the elevator up and go into
the room on your left. Walk into the next room and wake up sleepy head in there.
After that it's Sailor meeting time. You can now select your own team of
Sailors. When you're done press START and you're off to save SailorPluto.

First walk a bit down to find a save point. When you walk to the door
SailorPluto will appear. She is not what she appears to be, though, as she soon
transforms into Nergar and attacks you. After you defeat her, save again, and
then enter the building. Explore the building and try getting all the treasure
chests. Eventually you'll find SailorPluto (the real one) tied to a strange tree
called the 'Dimension Tree'. Kill it.

Now go into town, and to the store that says 'books' on the front. Talk to the
man behind the counter and he will find a book for you. When he's found it,
answer yes to buy it from him. Now go back to the dojo where you came from.
After the event, select the team with which you want to enter battle.

When you arrive, go to the left wing for a save point. Buy as much Toware (5800)
as you can because they refill everything in your entire party. You are well
advised to go monster-hunting before you challenge the final bosses because the
monsters here give heaps of EXP.

Keep taking the left mirrors and you'll find your four adversaries. You'll have
to beat them one-by-one without a chance to save or replenish HP's.

After you beat the four of them, walk into the large mirror. Answer yes if
you're sure you want to leave this place and you'll be transported back to the

After the -large- cut scene (I hope you understand it, but I sure don't) you can
select a new team. You already know this place, because it's the second town of
SailorVenus' adventure. Leave the town and head for the cave (the one that was
blocked by two petrified people). You will soon bump into Rubaus. He won't die
easily, so prepare for a long fight. Walk on into the cave and step on the
teleporty device and go into the building.

You will now be able to control a flying ship. Press Y and you will end up in a
futuristic town (probably your own future, in the Silver Milennium, but I'm not
too sure). Go into the large building up north and into the room to the left of
the stairs. After the event, go up the stairs and head straight north and you'll
see yourself talking to a guy.

Now go back to the airship. You can fly around the world and go to all the
places you were before, but the place where you really need to go is located in
the far northwest of the world map.

Explore the area and in the southwest you will eventually find a village. To the
north of the village is a castle. Go in and the people will mistake you for a
princess (princess serenity, I think). So you'll change clothes (like in the
silver milennium) and re-enter. Walk further north and you will get to see a
small scene involving a king. Explore the castle at will and then go east. In
the northeast of this area there is a small path leading to another castle. Go
in here (change clothes again) and after some wandering around you will find
Beryl om the right wing of the castle. After you've finished talking to her,
After talking to everybody else you wanted to talk to, go back to the airship
and press Y to go to the Silver Milennium again. Head north and watch the

After SailorMoon disappears, you can select a team of people with which you want
to go and rescue her. Go to the airship-teleport again (which you should be able
to find now) and press Y again to go to the Silver millenium. Walk way up north
and step on the symbol that you saw in the last event. After being teleported
away you will meet the Black Lady, and you'll have to fight her. After a small
walk you'll find SailorMoon and fight Shin to rescue her.

After all this rescueing all the sailors hold a big meeting in the Maison

Part 5

Once you're ready, dash eastwards to your own cosy home. Go upstairs and into
your little brothers' bedroom. You'll have to defeat Angel's pet, the one that
your brother took in the house during the cut scene. After defeating it, go back
to the dojo in the northwest and SailorPluto will telelport you to the entrance
to the Crystal Palace. During the -huge- scene you will need to select two
groups of sailors, one led by ChibiMoon, the other by SailorMoon.

When you appear in front of the fortress it's time to gain some EXP for the
party members that are a bit behind in their LV's. Get them all about LV 45 and
then touch the glowing statue in the centre. You won't be able to go north yet,
so from here on go south and follow the path. After a few cut-scenes you will
face off against five adversaries you've beaten before. They've gained quite
some power since last, though. First Nergar and Mardok, then Nabu and Ishtar,
and finally, Shin.

After you have destroyed them all you will end up as ChibiMoon in Crystal Tokyo.
Walk southwards, but don't go through the big crystal gate at the very bottom!
Find a shop that doesn't have a 'closed' sign at the door. There are save-points
inside the shops. Make sure you save before anything else or you will probably
have to fight the 5 bosses all over again!

On the northwest and northeast sides of the town, and to the far south you will
find buildings with a big crystal on top. If you walk against one of these
buildings, you will be attacked by a boss. After you defeat the first, tougher
monsters will inhabit the area, enabling you to get more EXP, quicker. Defeat
all five of these bosses and you can go north. Continue northwards until you
find Angel. You'll have to fight him.

You will have to make up two new teams, but you might as well put all your best
Sailors in SailorMoon's team because ChibiMoon's team isn't going to be used.
After you've made up your winning team, go north. Keep on going until you find
Tuxedo Mask tied to a wall. After you talk to him find the teleport near the
chest on your right. Take the same path as you took earlier when you came
through here and you'll finally get to fight Apsuu.

After Apsuu's defeat, go all the way down the stairs, then through the curtains
down the hallway and into the basement of the castle. Now take all your
strongest sailors and put them in SailorMoon's party. When you're done go
through the door, where the final confrontation with the mutated Apsuu awaits
you. Prepare for a very long and taxing battle.


Appendix A: Menu Items

Battle menu options:
Personal Magic
Link Magic
Formation Magic

These options all speak for themselves, except for Formation Magic. This lets
you select a magic attack that uses MP from all the characters in your party
simultaneously. Which attack you can use depends on the formation type. For
instance, when you are in 'arrow' formation you can use the 'Sailor Arrow
Attack'. The indicated amount of MP will be deducted from every character in
your party.

SELECT-Button menu options:
* Sound: Stereo/Monoural * BG color
* Cursor type * Message color
* Message speed

X-Button menu options:
* Item
* Accessories
* Formation
* Status
* Personal Magic
* Link Magic
* Puzzle
* Save

Item menu options:
Use item
Order items
Special items

Special items gives you information about items that are not in the ordinary
item list.

START-Button menu options:
Here you can select two or three characters of which you would like to 'link'
magic powers. After you have selected the characters, press the Y button to see
which Link Magic spell they can produce together (if any). Once you have
produced a spell by pressing the Y-button it will be added to your link-magic
list which you can then use in battle, and view by selecting Link Magic from the
X-button menu.

Appendix B: Airship

Control of the airship is as follows:

A - Land here (when a name appears on the screen)
X - Show world map
Y - travel to the Silver Milennium
top L/R - slide
up - accelerate
l/r - steer

Appendix C: Item names

The de-poison item's name looks a bit like this: x(x((xx (where '(' is a
character that looks like a '(' and 'x' is a different character). The
love/confused-cure item is right above the de-poison item if you have ordered
your item list with the item-order command from the item-menu.

The main retuen-life items look like this: xx-x.... (where '-' is a character
that looks exactly like an '-', etc.)

Appendix D: Game Hints

Use the top L/R Buttons to dash. (and I mean -dash-!)

Do not hesitate to use your magic attacks in every battle, because your MP
(which is indicated in gems under your HP indicator during battle) is fully
restored between all battles.

During the first chapter, buy a good couple of manicures. Manicures double your
attack power during battle and are extremely useful for bosses.

Save after every major event. It's especially horrible to have to sit through
the intro of a new chapter again.

Here is a very mean trick to win boss-battles: Take SailorPluto in your party
and buy lots of EP (magic) fill-items. Use SailorPluto's Time Stop magic (which
costs 12EP) and in the next turn refill her EPs. Then use her Time Stop magic
again, etc. Meanwhile all the other characters can concentrate on bashing the
boss, while he/she won't be able to do anything back because of the continuous
time-stops. This does make for a very boring battle, though.

And finally, for those completely unfamiliar to playing Japanese games; yes is a
two-character word and no a three-character word. So now you know.
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