Чит коды на Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (SNES)

Original Pitfall game:

Press Select, A(6), Select, Start
at the title screen to play the classic Atari 2600 version of
the game. The game may also be accessed by finding the blocky
white scorpions in Level 4 (The Ruins). Enter the door next to

Skip to level 6:

Press A, X, A, Y, A, X,
Select(2), Start at the title screen to start game play
at level 6 with all continues.

Level select:

Wait until the boomerang circles the word "Start"
on the title screen. Press X, Select, A,
Select, Y, A, X, Select. The
name of a level will appear under the title. Press R and
L to scroll through the names and press Start to
begin game play.

Unlimited continues:

Rapidly tap Start at the continue screen. The number
of continues displayed will change to nine and will begin to cycle.
Select the desired number of continues.
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