Чит коды на Pilotwings (SNES)

Bonus levels:

Ignore the rings and other objects and land on the moving
platform in the Rocketbelt level. You will be transported to the
Birdman bonus level with a rating of 100 points. Jump onto the
trampolines and hit the power P's before landing in the middle
of the target.

Land on the moving platform in the Parachute level to reach the
Penguin bonus level. Perform a high dive into a multi-point pool.
The water is separated by ropes that designate different extra
point values.

Helicopter mission:

Accumulate 300 points in lesson 4 to reach this mission.

Expert mode:

Enter 400718 to begin game play on level 5. Intentionally
lose on the remaining levels. Reset the game when "Game Over"
appears to restart in expert mode.
Level Password
2 985206
3 394391
4 520771
5 400718
6 773224
7 165411
8 760357
Helicopter 108048
Helicopter mission 2 882943
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