Чит коды на Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures (SNES)

Time trial mode:

Enter TRLMDPW as a password.

Pac-Man game:

Enter PCMMDPW as a password.

Ms. Pac-Man game:

Enter MSPCMND as a password.

Practice mine cart level:

Enter FFTDB2W as a password.

Pattern test:

Enter PCMNPTT as a password.

Sound test:

Enter BGMRQST as a password.

Display percentage completed:

Hold Select and press X at the item screen.
Level Password
1 [Pac-Man icon]WFTW5W
2 [Pac-Man icon]WGW45W
3 [Pac-Man icon]WFTWX4
Gum Monster 9YGZ11P
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