Чит коды на NBA Live '96 (SNES)

Random team:

Hold L + R at the team selection screen.

Secret players:

Select the edit players option, press B to display
a player's file, and replace his name with one of the following
entries. Note: "_" indicates a space. The displayed
statistics and picture will change to match the new player. The
trade players option may be used to move the modified player to
the roster.
Ivan_A. Enzo McDonald Roe
Allen Erving McDyess Russell
Archibald Finley McHale Sab
Banks Ford McKibben Smith
Barkley Frazier Meek Snow
B._Barry Garnett Meyer Stackhouse
R._Barry Gervin Mikan Stoudamire
Baylor Griffith Murphy Sura
Bennett Havicek Daniel_NG Tarlac
Best Hayes Nelson K._Thomas
Bird Henderson Norvell I._Thomas
Bodiroga Hoiberg O'Bannon Thompson
Boyce Ice Ostertag Thurmond
T._Brown Ilgauskas Parks Thursty
Burrough Allan_J. Pelle Traz
Caffey Jabbar Popa Trent
C._Carr Johnson Andy_R. Vaughn
Chamberlain Jordan Rammer Wallace
Childress F._King Ranata Walton
Chow J._King Ratliff West
Cousy Garry_L. Reddekopp Whitfield
Cowens Laimbeer Reeves Williams
Daddy-O Lewis A._Reid Williamson
Davis Ted_M. Rencher Willard
Declercq Maravich Respert Worthy
Air_Dyck D._Marshall Robertson Zidek
Edney Martin
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