Чит коды на Mortal Kombat 3 (SNES)

Fight as Smoke:

Hold Left + A on the copyright screen until
it disappears. Hold Right + B on the Williams screen
until it disappears. Then, hold X + Y until Smoke

Eight man endurance mode:

Hold L + R and press Start to select
Vs. Tournament mode. For random character selection press Up
+ Start.

Sound test:

Press A, Y, B, X, Select
on the Start/Options screen.

Random character select:

Highlight Shang Tsung and press Up + Start.
For player two, highlight Liu Kang and press Up + Start
on controller two.

Hidden character select:

Sweep the D-pad in a clockwise Full-Circle and
press Select on the character selection screen. For player
two, perform the same sweep counter-clockwise.

Cheat menus:

Enter one of the following series of controller actions on
the "Start Game" screen to display the corresponding
cheat menu.

Kool Stuff

Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right,
A, B, A.

Kooler Stuff

Press Select, A, B, Right, Left,
Down(2), Up(2).

Scott's Stuff

Press X, B, A, Y, Up, Left,
Down, Right, Down. Note: For easy moves,
enable this code, pause game play, execute the move, then resume

Display version:

Hold L + R and power on the SNES. A version
number screen will be displayed.

Kombat Kodes:

Select a two player game and enter the Vs. screen. Press Y,
B, and A on controller one to select the first three
characters of the Kode, and those same buttons on controller two
for the last three characters. Enter a valid Kode before the Vs.
screen fades. Pressing a button will cycle the specific character
to which it is assigned:
Character Abbreviation Presses
Dragon D 0
MK Logo M 1
Ying-Yang Y 2
Three 3 3
Question Mark ? 4
Lightning Bolt L 5
Goro G 6
Raiden R 7
Shao Kahn K 8
Skull S 9
Kombat Kode Effect
?3Y-Y3? More Energy, No Time
SKR-MY3 Hidden Energy Bar
G?Y-?GK Play the old arcade game Galaga!
D33-LG? Winner fights Shao Kahn
YDL-YDL Winner fights Smoke
RGS-3?Y Winner fights Noob Saibot
SGS-M?M Winner fights Motaro
SKR-DM3 No energy bars
DYD-DYD No blocking
MDD-MDD No throwing
DSM-YS3 No Sweeping
?GG-?GG Unlimited running
SLL-SLL Max Fatilty Time
S??-S?? 1 Button Fatalities
GKK-?YY Dark Kombat
G?M-?GK Galaga
RDR-DDD Player 1 at 1/4 energy
DDD-RDR Player 2 at 1/4 life
D33-DDD Player 1 at 1/2 energy
DDD-D33 Player 2 at 1/2 life
YKY-YKY No Fear Kombat
RYY-RYY No Kombos
3SD-DDD Player 1 does 1/2 damage
3SD-3SD Inflict 1/2 damage
DDD-3SD Player 2 does 1/2 damage
GKK-?33 Fast Uppercut recovery
3YM-RKS Super Run Jumps
GKK-GKK Fast Uppercut Recover
??S-??S Invisibility
LLL-LLG No Special Moves!
DMY-DMY Auto Health Recover
YYM-LLR Uppercut to next level
?GD-?GD Switcheroo
SKS-KSK Auto Tourney
MSM-MSM Hyper Fighting
MYD-MYD View Credits
?GD-?GD Random Selection of opponent
SKR-GGG Flippers Message
SKR-GLL Play Slots
MY3-SYG "There is no knowledge that is not power"
SKL-MYL Pyscho Kombat: Dark, random, no blocks, recovery
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