Чит коды на Megaman 7 (SNES)

Note: This game is also titled Rockman 7.

RUSH power-up:

Enter 7235-7654-1145-2551 as a password.

Full power:

Enter 6853-5646-1241-7515 as a password.

Ultimate/Vs. mode:

Enter 1415-5585-7823-6251 as a password. Press Start
to begin at the end (ultimate) level of the game. To play a Vs.
mode fighting game, hold L + R on controllers one
and two and press Start on controller one.

Hidden music:

Hold B while selecting Shade Man. Music from another
Capcom game will be played.
Level Password
Burst Man 8775-2517-5412-8362
Cloud Man 8775-2786-7416-2272
Junk Man 8335-2516-5412-8232
Freeze Man 2335-2786-8412-2332
Museum 2375-2716-3453-2232
Slash Man 2375-2786-3443-2232
Spring Man 3275-2786-8447-8172
Shade Man 3275-3586-2443-8532
Turbo Man 2274-3686-2445-8438
Dr. Wily 2235-7414-3545-8431
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