Чит коды на Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden (SNES)

View real ending:
Play on a difficulty level of three or higher and fight the
following matches in order:
Son Gokuu Vs. Picollo
Son Gokuu Vs. Vejeta
Son Gokuu Vs. Freeza
Piccolo Vs. Android #20
Vejeta Vs. Android #18
Piccolo Vs. Cell
Son Goku Vs. Android #16
Vejeta Vs. Trunks
Son Goku Vs. Son Gohan
Son Gohan Vs. P-Cell
The text "The End" will appear. Wait until "Final Battle" appears.
Defeat Perfect Cell to view the real ending of the game.
CPU control:
Pause a Vs. mode or Tenkai-Ichi Budokai mode match and press A + B +
X + Y. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Resume game play and
the CPU will assume control.
Hidden characters:
Hold L + R, continuously press X, A, B, Y in a clockwise direction, and
sweep the D-pad in a counter-clockwise Full-Circle when Goku begins to
speak. Continue the controller actions until Goku's voice is heard f
ollowing a chime again. This code also allows both players to select the
same character in Vs. mode.
Press A during the introduction sequence to display the title screen.
Wait until Goku and Picollo begin fighting in the background, then press
L + R + Select + Start. The game will reset. Press any button to enter
the main menu. The game level (in the option menu) will be set to 4 to
confirm correct code entry.
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