Чит коды на Animaniacs (SNES)

Different endings:
The game will display three different endings depending on the
number of script pages that are obtained (less than 10, more
than 10, or all 24).
Password notes:
The password system is based on the following characters (in order):
Y = Yakko
W = Wakko
D = Dot
R = Ralph (guard)
P = Pinky
B = Brain
N = Nurse
C = The CEO.
When "adding" to a password character, move down the list the
indicated number of characters. For example, the notation Y + 2
changes Yakko to Dot. Start again at the top of the list if
"adding" to a password character moves off the bottom of the
list. For example, the notation N + 3 changes the Nurse to Wakko.
The password is in a grid format where each position is indicated by
the following:
A1, B1, C1, D1
A2, B2, C2, D2
A3, B3, C3, D3
All levels and all script pages:
Enter CYWD RPBN CYYR as a password.
Custom passwords:
Create an empty base password by starting a game and dying without
doing anything. One of eight base passwords will be displayed. Edit
this password, following the guidelines described in the Password
Notes section:
Stage completion
Intro: B1+1
Aquatic: A1+1
Fantasy: B1+4
Sci-Fi: B1+2 Adventure: A1+2
Pinky/Brain: A1+4
Script pages
Aquatic: C2+2, C2+4, B2+2, B2+4, B2+1, C2+1
Fantasy: A2+4, A2+2, D1+1, A2+1
Sci-Fi : D1+2, C1+1, D1+4, C1+2, C1+4
Adventure: A3+1, A3+2, A3+4, D2+4, D2+1, D2+2
Pinky/Brain: B3+2, B3+4, B3+1
Perfect ending
Start from the base code, subtract 1 from all characters
except C3 and D3, add 2 to C3.
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