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Top Gear 2 (SNES)

Drive super car in any country:

Power on the Super Nintendo and and highlight use the "Continue
Game" option to enter 4N85 BJR6 6HJ5 8#H65 RNM## as
a password. Highlight the "End" option and press the
A. Begin game play, pause the raice, and press L
+ R to return to the menu. Use the "Options"
selection and choose the desired difficulty level. Select a country
and press A. Press A at the "Password"
screen. Ignore the "Invalid Password" message and press
Start. Highlight the "Continue Game" option and
start game play with the displayed password.

FTrack Password
Australasia (none)
Britain (P63 )P85 TPN??
Canada P7GC REgypt W574 >)PB GRYL GL3MM ?87NN
France JCFB Q5Y# #(W? )>#WR Germany ?#)# HF#8 P8DQ TWP>( VQP((
Greece 4HHD T549 7DCY M1RGB 743HH
India 7CD> PJ#V CRT# N?L#9 YTR<<
Ireland ?NWR 7345 29(( C3N?# 1VT>>
Italy 68>( LTP3 VGDP 8>P?# 1VT>>
Japan 7(B) M(VN YYC5 GQ6LJ )#9QQ
Scandinavia 7W3Y ?HQ( 5)87 JT8NM >(?TT
South America WV3Y ?QF> R)#5 GQ6LJ )#9QQ
Spain 5RJ6 WFB2 C8R2 CM3GF #76MM
Switzerland L1RP 539Y GRFJ 5(L87 VQP((
United States #MB< NW29 G(CT (FV>< 521FF
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