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C2: Judgement Clay (SNES)

Hidden characters:
Enter the following codes on the game selection screen:
Hold L and press X, R, A, X, R(2).
Hold Down/Left, then press B, Y(2), A, Y.
Hold X, then press L(2), Up, Down, Left, Down.
Hold Up, and press A(2), R(2), Y, A.
Hold B, and press Up, L(3), Right.
Hold Up/Left, and press Y, B, X, B(2), X, A.
Hold Y, and press L(2), Up, L, Left, R.
Hold R, and press X, B(2), A, Y, Left, A.
Enable all hidden characters:
Hold L + X, and press Up(2), Select, Up(2), Right.
Top speed:
Hold Y, and press L(2), R, Down, Left, R at the game start screen. The
speed may now be set to ten in the options screen.
Random character:
Press R + L at the character selection screen.
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