Чит коды на Shadow Dancer: Legend Of Shinobi (Mega Drive)

Practice mode:

Hold A + B + C and press Start
at the Sega logo. Hold A + B + C and press
Start at the title screen. An option that allows practice
on almost all levels with no Bosses will appear. Note: A Union
Lizard coin (for 1 or 2 lives) will appear on almost every screen.

Extra life:

Do not hit any of the ninjas during the bonus round.

50,000 point bonus:

Use non-shuriken mode in the stage select.

Hidden extra lives:

Stage 2-2

Jump up and shoot an extra life where the fence starts for
the second time.

Stage 3-1

Walk to the far right on the third floor. Shoot the man standing
on two boxes with a power shuriken. Enter the next level, then
jump down to get two extra lives.
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