Чит коды на NFL Sports Talk '93 Starring Joe Montana (Mega Drive)

Team and game select:

Enter _YP_???KDJ as a password with the first blank
corresponding to the team letter code and the second blank corresponding
to the week letter code.
Team Code
Falcons B
Bills C
Bears D
Bengals F
Browns G
Cowboys H
Broncos J
Lions K
Packers L
Colts M
Chiefs N
Oilers P
Raiders Q
Rams R
Dolphins S
Vikings T
Saints V
Patriots W
Giants X
Jets Y
Eagles Z
Cardinals 0
Steelers 1
Chargers 2
Seahawks 3
49ers 4
Buccaneers 5
Redskins 6
Week Code
2 D
3 F
4 G
5 H
6 J
7 K
8 L
9 M
10 N
11 P
12 Q
13 R
14 S
15 T
16 V
Playoff 1 W
Playoff 2 X
Super Bowl Y
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