Чит коды на Mortal Kombat 2 (Mega Drive)

Test mode:

Enter the options menu and highlight the "Done"
selection. Press Left, Down, Left, Right,
Down, Right, Left(2), Right(2). A
"Test Mode" option will appear to confirm correct code

Fight against Jade:

Defeat the opponent in the match before the question mark
only using the D-pad and LK. Jade will be the next

Fight against Noob:

Win 25 consecutive matches. The phrase "Incredible winning
streak! A new warrior awaits you." will appear. Noob will
be the next opponent.

Fight against Smoke:

Execute upper cuts on the Red Portal stage until Dan Forden
appears. Quickly press Down + Start to fight Smoke.

Fight against Shao Kahn:

Press A, B, C(3), B(2), A(4)
at the options menu. Quickly press B when Shao Kahn appears
to fight in the final stage.

Pong Kombat:

Defeat player two in 250 consecutive matches.


Enable the "Test mode" code and set the background
to "6" and enable the "Ooh Nasty" option.
Select Rayden as your character. Win the match by pressing Away(3),
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