Чит коды на Might And Magic (Mega Drive)

Hidden characters:

Select the "View Character" option and wait until
the dot moves on the character list. Hold Left + A
+ C (in that order). Release the buttons to display a list
of player characters with equipped with items such as +53 Photo
Blades, magic armor, and quest items.

Unlimited food:

Select the "Share" command, followed by the "Food"
command. Repeat this sequence several times to increase your party's
food supply past the 40 unit limit.

Bonus treasure:

Place two hirelings in your party. Allow your party to be
attacked, and defeat the enemy. Drop one of the hirelings and
search for his treasure chest. Open chest for bonus treasure.

Star Burst spell:

Cast the "Enchant Item" spell, but do not select
an item. Press B to abort the spell. The Star Burst spell
will be added to the spell list.
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