Чит коды на Madden NFL 97 (Mega Drive)

Super Bowl game:

Select the "New Season" option from the main menu.
Enter the Playoffs. A list of games will be displayed. Press
Start to display a new list. Repeat this action until
a "Super Bowl" entry appears. Select that game, then
press Start.

Cheat codes:

Select the "Front Office" option on the main menu.
Select the "Sign Up" option to display the player creation
screen. Enter one of the following player names and any value
for the remaining statistics. Press Start to display the
point distribution screen. Distribute all available points in
any manner. Save the new player. If a code was used to activate
a new team, it will appear when a new game is started.

All '50s and '60s team

Enter HAPPY_DAYS as a player name.

All '70s team

Enter DISCO as a player name.

All '80s team

Enter NEW_WAVE as a player name.

EA Sports team

Enter ITSINDGAME as a player name.

All Time All-Madden team

Enter BOOM as a player name.

No salary cap

Enter OVERPAID as a player name.

Two minute or 30 second quarters

Enter TOMMY_MC as a player name.

Sound test:

Press C, A, C, A, C, A,
B at the title screen to display the sound test menu.
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