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Sonic Spinball (Mega Drive)

Level select:

Press A, Down, B, Down, C,
Down, A, B, Up, A, C,
Up, B, C, Up at the options screen.
Enter one of the following controller actions to start at the
corresponding level.

Level 2 (Lava Powerhouse)

Hold A and press Start.

Level 3 (The Machine)

Hold B and press Start.

Level 4 (Showdown)

Hold C and press Start.

Multi-ball stage:

Collect all the rings on a level and use the gate that appears
to be a large shining ring.

Unlimited lives:

Locate the barrels in the Toxic Caves stage. Jump in a barrel
and move toward the wall opposite the emerald. Jump out of the
barrel and intentionally lose a life while returning to that barrel.
Sonic will seem to die twice before re-appearing at the start
of the level. The phrase "Launching Extra Ball" will
appear allowing unlimited lives to be accumulated.
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