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Slaughter Sport (Mega Drive)

Note: This game is also titled Mondu's Fighting Palace.

Alternate character:

Press one of the following controller combinations at the
title screen to play as the corresponding character against Rex.
Character Code
Bonapart Press Up, A, C
Edwina Press Left, B + C, C
Robochic Press Right, Up, Down
Stump Press A + C, Right, C
Ramses Press Right, Left, A
Webra Press A + C, Up, Right
Guano Press Up, Right, A + B
McFire Press Down, C, Right
Skinny Press Right, Down, Right
Sheba Press B + C, B, B
Brainiac Press Right, Right, C
Buff Press Left, C, B
El Toro Press B + C, A, Up
Spidra Press A, Down, B
Weezil Press Down, Right, Up
Mondu Press A + B, Down, Left
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