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Cheats for Triple Play '96 (Mega Drive)

Hidden players:

Highlight the "General Manager" option on the setup
screen and press C. Select the custom players option, highlight
an empty location on the roster, and press C to create
a new player. Enter one of the following names:
Classic players Development team
Ty Cobb Chris Taylor
Babe Ruth Kevin Pickell
Willie Mays Jan Tian
Hank Aaron Eric Pauker
Cool Papa Bell David Hards
Roberto Clemente Conan Reis
Jackie Robinson George Ashcroft
Rogers Hornsby Margaret Livesey
Pee Wee Reese George Samilski
Mickey Mantle David Adams
Stan Musial Mike Sokyrka
Ted Williams Bruce McMillan
Lou Gehrig Ken Lam
Yogi Berra Warren Wall
Nolan Ryan Adrienne Travica
Dizzy Dean Chip Lange
Warren Spahn David Lee
Bob Gibson Rick Smith
Satchel Paige Gary Lam
Sandy Koufax Scott Blackwood
Steve Carlton Eric Whiteford
Carl Yastrzemski
Frank Robinson
Reggie Jackson
Joe DiMaggio
Cy Young
Tom Seaver
Josh Gibson
Nap Lajoire
Catfish Hunter
Jimmie Foxx
Walter Johnson
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