Cheats for Toughman Contest (Mega Drive)

Sound test:

Hold A + B + C and press Down
at the game setup screen.

Director's cut mode:

Enter RUBE as a password. Game play will include a
headless opponent and maximum blood.

Stealth mode:

Enter FQSTER as a password. Opponents will be all

To the death mode:

Enter 2LT as a password. Game play will begin with
no time limit. The first player to achieve three knockdowns will

Double game speed:

Enter HYPER as a password.

Player one invincibility:

Enter MAXX as a password.

All moves on mode:

Enter MRBUCKEYE as a password. All power punches may
be executed.

Smaller opponents:

Enter WEASEL as a password.

Neon color player two:

Enter NUCLEAR as a password.

Highest CPU difficulty:

Enter SUPERG as a password.

Fight in the Regionals:

Enter WUSSY as a password.


Championship passwords:

Enter one of the following passwords to fight the corresponding
number one contender.
Contender Password
Joe Wildhawk EKC
Coolio Loc ESK
Biff Blublood EPQ
Freddy Bravo EDY
Charlie Ponderosa EFD
P.J. Rock EVG
Muerte Martinez EKF
Havana Jones EST
Rigo Suave EFX
Monsieur Victoire EGB
Bruno Maserati EBA
T.K. O'Reilly ERS
Gavin Grayson ECW
Jacob Jabowitz ECN
Jabfar El Habib EFL
Yong Ah Chi EDU
Hiro Sokitome EBJ
Chang Fu EJZ
Nickolai Radinski EMR
Sydney Dundee EPV
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