Cheats for Thunder Force 3 (Mega Drive)

Super weapons:

Pause game play and press Up(10), B, Down(2),
and repeatedly tap B to fill the weapon meter. Press A
for the Claw weapon, and resume game play. Note: This code may
be enabled with each new life.

Hidden options:

Hold A + B + C and press Start
at the title screen to display a menu with ship speed, difficulty,
and sound test options.

Alternate ending:

Press C during the ending sequence. Your character
will wave and wink.

Two-player mode:

Use two controllers to share control, with one player flying
and the other firing the weapons.

Shoot all weapons:

Continuously tap C while pressing B to fire
all weapons at once. Note: This is best accomplished by using
a auto-fire controller with C set to rapid fire.
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