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Cheats for NHL '97 (Mega Drive)

Hidden teams:

Press A + B + C + Start at the
setup screen. The Renegade and EA Sports teams will be selectable.

Quick game:

Hold A + C + Start at the team selection
screen. Release the buttons at the face off. Each period will
be significantly shorter.

Super players:

Create a player and select any position except for goalie.
Set all attributes to "81". Some attributes will change
to exceed 90 after the player is selected for a team.

Super goalie:

Create a goalie and set all attributes to "99",
except for "Speed" which should be "75" and
"Offensive Awareness" which should be "36".
A goalie rated at "99" will be created after the he
is selected for a team.

Opposing team roster select:

Use controller two at the screen that appears before the face-off
to select the other team's players. To score easily, select no
goalie for the opposing team.
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