Чит коды на WWF Royal Rumble (Dreamcast)

Choose costume:
At the Character Select screen, highlight the restler, hold Start then press A.

Different Background:
You can change the Background by entering the Ranking Section and viewing every section. When you return to the Main Menu you will have a different background image. Continue to do these steps and the backgrounds will change every time.

Unlocking Shane McMahon:
Beat Exhibition mode on any difficulty.

Unlock Vince McMahon:
Beat Royal Rumble mode on any difficulty.

Infinite double team moves:
Knock out the referee by hitting him with a weapon twice. Then, a message saying "The Referee Is Knocked Out" will appear, followed by the words "Double Team". You can now perform infinite double teams moves.

Knock The Referee Out:
Use a weapon and hit him twice. If you can pull this off you will get a message stating "The Referee Is Knocked Out". You then have 10-15 seconds to beat the daylights out of your opponent without hassle from the referee.

Ladder matches:
Complete the royal rumble on difficulty 5 without continuing.

Secret Character:
Comlete the game in exhibition mode with all the player to get the Dudley Boyz.

Get Inferno Match:
Win the Royal Rumble 6 times and get the WWF Title 6 times.
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