Чит коды на WWF: Attitude (Dreamcast)

New Modes & Hidden Wrestlers:
Win European Title - Get Sable, Marc Mero, Trainer, Squeaky Mode, New CAW Stuff
Win IC Title - Get Jacqueline, Chyna, Big Head Mode, 3 Attribute Points
Win Heavyweight Title - Get Head, Beep Mode, Ego Mode.
Win King of the Ring - Get Kurrgan & Taka Michinoku
Win Summerslam - Get Sgt. Slaughter & Shawn Michaels
Win Royal Rumble - Get Jerry Lawler & Paul Bearer

Taunt Opponent:
Hold Kick + Tie-Up and press Up, Left, Down or Right to taunt your opponent.

Tag Team Moves:
When your opponent is stunned in a 2-on-1 or Tag Team Match, have both partners press Tie-Up at the same time to perform a double team move:

Double Suplex - In front of opponent.
Double Powerbomb - 1 Player in front, other behind.
Double Wishbone Legsplitter - Both players at opponent's feet.
Doomsday Device - Opponent on one player's shoulder, other player on top turnbuckle.

Signature & Finishing Moves:
You can perform the signature moves when your opponent's health meter is yellow, perform the finishing moves when your opponent's health meter is red.

Al Snow:
Underhook Headbutts (trademark): Left, Tie-up (In Tie-Up)
Snow Plow (finisher): Right, Up, Punch (In Tie-Up)

Bad Ass Billy Gunn:
Ass Kisser (trademark): Down, Up, Kick (Opponent In Corner)
Fame Asser (finisher): Right, Left, Down, Punch (Standing)

Big Boss Man:
Sidewalk Slam (trademark): Left, Up, Kick (Tie-Up)
Boss Man Slam (finisher): Kick (Opponent Running)

Powerbomb (trademark): Up, Down, Kick (Tie-Up)
Fallaway Slam (finisher): Left, Down, Tie-up (Tie-Up)

Falling Reverse DDT (trademark): Left, Right, Kick (Tie-Up)
The Impaler (finisher): Left, Down, Tie-up (Tie-Up)

Low Blow (trademark): Left, Kick (Tie Up From Behind)
Pedigree (finisher): Left, Down, Kick (Standing)

D'Lo Brown:
Sky High (trademark): Up, Down, Kick (Standing)
Sky High: Punch (Opponent Running)
Lo Down (finisher): Block + Tie-up (On Turnbuckle, Opponent On Ground)

Dr. Death:
Dr. Bomb (trademark): Up, Down, Up, Tie-up (Standing)
Oklahoma Stampede (finisher): Up, Down, Kick (Standing)

Double Underhook Suplex (trademark): Left, Down, Tie-up (Standing)
New Jersey Naptime (finisher): Left, Right, Punch (Tie-Up)

Dragon Suplex (trademark): Left, Down, Punch (Tie-Up From Behind)
Downward Spiral (finisher): Up, Down, Kick (Standing)

Spine Buster (trademark): Up, Down, Tie-up (Standing)
Dominator (finisher): Left, Right, Down, Tie-up (Standing)

Floatover Vertical Suplex (trademark): Left, Tie-up (Standing)
Implant DDT (finisher): Up, Down, Kick (Standing)

HO! Train (trademark): Left, Down, Kick (Opponent In Corner)
Pimp Drop (finisher): Left, Right, Down, Punch (Standing)

Shattered Dreams (trademark): Left, Right, Punch (Opponent In Corner)
Curtain Call (finisher): Left, Up, Tie-up (Tie-Up From Behind)

Reverse Brainbuster (trademark): Up, Down, Tie-up (Tie-Up From Behind)
Hanging Powerslam (finisher): Up, Down, Tie-up (Tie-Up)

Knee To Face (trademark): Left, Down, Kick (Standing)
Pedigree (finisher): Up, Down, Down, Tie-up (Standing)

Figure Four Leglock (trademark): Left, Right, Up, Kick (Opponent Down, By Feet)
Kamikaze Headbutt (finisher): Punch + Tie-up (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Down)

Jeff Jarrett:
Front Russian Legsweep (trademark): Left, Punch (Standing)
Figure Four Leglock (finisher): Left, Right, Down, Kick (By Opponent's Feet)

Jerry Lawler:
Big Head Punch (trademark): Left, Right, Kick (Standing)
Piledriver (finisher): Left, Up, Punch (Standing)

Choke Slam (trademark): Left, Right, Punch (Tie-Up)
Tombstone Piledriver (finisher): Up, Up, Down, Tie-up (Standing)

Ken Shamrock:
High Angle Suplex (trademark): Left, Up, Tie-up (Standing)
Ankle Lock (finisher): Right, Down, Left, Kick or Left, Down, Right,
Kick (Opponent Down, By Feet)

One Handed Chokeslam (trademark): Left, Right, Up, Punch (Standing)
Kurrgan Shuffle (finisher): Up, Down, Punch (Standing)

Double Arm DDT (trademark): Left, Right, Down, Punch (Standing)
Mandible Claw (finisher): Left, Right, Down, Tie-up (Standing)

Mark Henry:
Gorilla Press Slam (trademark): Up, Down, Up, Punch (Standing)
Death From Above (finisher): Left, Right, Up, Tie-up (Opponent Down,
Next To Body)

Marc Mero:
Merosault (trademark): Kick + Block (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Down)
TKO (finisher): Left, Right, Left, Tie-up (Standing)

Running Butt Bump (trademark): Kick (Running At Opponent In Corner)
Mosh Pit (finisher): Kick + Punch (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Standing)

Owen Hart:
Enziguri (trademark): Up, Down, Kick (Standing)
Sharpshooter (finisher): Left, Up, Left, Kick (Opponent Down, By Legs)

Paul Bearer:
Bearhug (trademark): Left, Right, Punch (Standing)
Buffet Buster (finisher): Tie-up + Block (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Down)

Road Dogg:
Crazy Legs Kneedrop (trademark): Left, Right, Tie-up (Opponent Down, Next To Body)
Stretch Armstrong (finisher): Left, Right, Kick (Tie-Up From Behind)

The Rock:
People's Elbow (trademark): Up, Down, Kick (Opponent Down, By Head)
Rock Bottom (finisher): Left, Right, Down, Tie-up (Standing)

Sablecanrana (trademark): Up, Down, Kick (Opponent In Corner)
Sablebomb (finisher): Up, Down, Kick (Tie-Up)

Sgt. Slaughter:
Piledriver (trademark): Up, Down, Punch (Tie-Up)
Cobra Clutch (finisher): Left, Tie-up (Tie-Up From Behind)

Shawn Michaels:
Hurricanrana (trademark): Up, Down, Tie-up (Standing)
Sweet Chin Music (finisher): Left, Right, Kick (Standing)

Steve Blackman:
Four Kick Combo (trademark): Up, Up, Tie-up (Opponent In Corner)
Pump Kick (finisher): Left, Down, Tie-up (Standing)

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin:
Vertical Body Press (trademark): Tie-up (Running)
Stone Cold Stunner (finisher): Up, Down, Up, Tie-up (Standing)

Taka Michinoku:
Swinging DDT (trademark): Up, Down, Kick (Opponent In Corner)
Michinoku Driver (finisher): Left, Right, Down, Punch (Standing)

Running Butt Bump (trademark): Kick (Running At Opponent In Corner)
Stage Dive (finisher): Kick + Punch (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Down)

Too Sexy:
Front Russian Legsweep (trademark): Left, Punch (Tie-Up From Behind)
Tennesee Jam (finisher): Block + Tie-up (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Standing)

Chokeslam (trademark): Up, Down, Punch (Tie-Up)
Tombstone Piledriver (finisher): Up, Down, Up, Tie-up (Standing)

Val Venis:
Fishermans Suplex (trademark): Left, Down, Tie-up (Standing)
Money Shot: Kick + Punch (On Turnbuckle, Opponent Down)

Bronco Buster (trademark): Up, Down, Punch (Opponent In Corner)
X-Factor (finisher): Up, Down, Tie-up (Standing)
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