Чит коды на The King of Fighters 2002 (Dreamcast)

Play as Orochi Team:
Hold Start button while selecting Yashiro, Shermie and
Chris to play as their alternate forms.

Team / Single Attack modes:
Beat Team Mode as any team, in any difficult setting,
and using as many Continues as you need to enable
Team Attack. Beat Single Mode as any character, in any
difficult, and with as many Continues as you need to
unlock Single Attack.

Unlock Gallery pictures:
Beat a character in Single Attack to unlock the
corresponding picture in the Gallery.

Unlock Kusanagi:
In Challenge mode, beat mission 20 in Time Attack to
unlock Kusanagi. To play as Kusanagi, select Kyo while
holding the Start button.

Unlock Shingo:
In Challenge mode, beat Single Attack to unlock Shingo.
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