Чит коды на The Grinch (Dreamcast)

When constructing your blueprints to your specially
designed weapons, always put the key sheet on the bottom
page facing the opposite direction and also facing upside
down, and if there is a crosshair, then it goes right
above the blueprints.

Secret Egg-Launching Window:
All of the windows are easy to find except for a singular
one. Go to the stage where the Grinch is sucked into his
giant cave. Just before you go under the stone-filled
arch and into the red vacuum, change your view to look
above, Where you will find the missing window.

Bonus Wrapped Presents:
In Downtown Whoville, you will find a child that is
afraid of you. Before he runs away, use your powered-up
"bad breath" attack and the boy will dissappear,
revealing a 3 point gift!
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