Чит коды на Rainbow Six (Dreamcast)

Cheat Codes (While playing a game, press Analog-stick):
* Repeat cheat to disable it.

Avatar God mode - Up + D-pad Down + B
Team God mode - Left + D-pad Down + B
Heavy breathing - Down + D-pad Down + B
Big head mode - Up + D-pad Down + X
Megahead mode - Left + D-pad Down + X
Polska mode - Down + D-pad Down + X
Stumpy mode - Left + D-pad Down + Y
Brains mode - Up + D-pad Down + Y
Side scroller mode - Down + D-pad Down + Y
Clodhopper mode - Left + D-pad Down + A or B
Rudeness mode - Right + D-pad Down + A or B
Note: If you have the "Team God mode" code enabled your men will keep repeating "Watch you fire!".

Victory conditions - Up + D-pad Down + A
This will prevent the mission from being lost if you trigger an alarm or the terrorists shoot the hostages.
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