Чит коды на Power Stone (Dreamcast)

Resident Evil Background:
At the Stage Select screen, press Left, Left, Right, Left, Up, Up, Down, L, R. Then hold A + B + X + Y and press Start. This is very tricky.

New Options:
Complete Arcade Mode with any character on any difficulty setting. There will now be an Extra Options selection.

Prevent Damage:
Enable the "New Options" code (above). Then go to the Extra Options screen and change Transformation Damage to 0%. Now begin a match, get 3 gems and transform. Instead of using regular attacks, throw things at your opponent to prevent damage.

Full Pause Screen:
Pause the game and then press X + Y.

Get Falcon's Mini Game:
Complete the game with any 5 characters.

Get Ayame's Mini Game:
Complete the game with any 6 characters.

Get Gunrock's Mini Game:
Complete the game with any 7 characters.

Play As Kraven:
Complete the game with any 8 characters.

Play As Valgas:
Complete the game as Kraven.

Be Boss Characters:
Complete the game with all characters without using any continues. To see the boss, look on page 12 of the collection menu. Valgas can only be used in Versus Mode.

Change Camera in Victory View:
To change the viewing angle at the end, press the D-pad or Analog-stick. To zoom in, press A.

Virtua Battle and Dual Virtua Battle:
Unlock Valgas in the code at the very top and Virtua Battle Mode will be on page 5 of the collection menu. Finish the game as Valgas to get the Dual Virtua Battle, this is located on page 6 of the collection menu.

Scrap Book:
Win $1000 or more in the VMS mini-game. The scrap book option will be on page 13 of the collection menu.

Sound Test:
Win $2000 or more in the VMS mini-game. The sound test option will be on page 25 of the collection menu.

View End Sequences:
Beat the whole game to access page 14 of the Power Stone Collection menu, allowing you to view the game's endings and credits.

New Items:
Beat the game with 4 characters to get the heavy chain gun, ray gun, extending pole and shield.
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