Чит коды на Phantasy Star Online 2 (Dreamcast)

Name weapon:
Successfully complete challenge mode with an "S-Rank" to have the ability to re-name the suffixes of any weapon in the game.

View ending:
Note: The following code require a Dreamcast keyboard. At the title screen, type "URAENDING" to view the ending sequence.

Serial number delete:
This trick is best used when you want piece and quiet. Load the game, then click on "Dressing Room". Press the power button on your Dreamcast. When you turn the Dreamcast on again and load up your character, the game will ask you to re-enter your serial number and access key. This has a few advantages. Anyone with your card will not be able to find you. Your wins and disconnects in battle mode will be gone.

Hidden message:
The letters on the red weapons spell "HeathCliff" when they are put together in order:

Red Saber: He
Red Sword: a
Red Dagger : t
Red Partisan: h
Red Slicer: Cl
Red Handgun: i
Red Mechgun: ff

If you turn in 3 bronze badges you get a silver badge. If you turn in 3 silver badges you get a gold one. F you turn in 3 of each badge you get to pick a Toyhammer, Samba maracas or Chamelion sythe.

Hidden passage:
In the quest Famistu MAXIMUM ATTACK, in mines the walls that look like doors arent doors but if you try some you will be able to go thru to a secret passage way.
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