Чит коды на NFL 2000 (Dreamcast)

Slowmo speed setting:
Choose the "Codes" selection on the options screen.
Enter DEDMAN as a case-sensitive code to unlock the "Slowmo" setting under "Game Speed".

Alternate text:
Choose the "Codes" selection on the options screen.
Enter SCRAWL as a case-sensitive code.

High pitched commentary:
Choose the "Codes" selection on the options screen.
Enter SQUEEKY as a case-sensitive code.

Fat players:
Choose the "Codes" selection on the options screen.
Enter LARD as a case-sensitive code.

Run Field Goal Back For TD:
When the opposing team is attempting to kick a really long field goal that you think they won't make, select Punt Return. If the field goal fails, then you can catch it and run it for a touchdown since the offensive line won't run after you, thinking that they are still on offense.

Sack QB Every Time:
At the Options screen, disable the penalties: offsides and neutral zone infraction. Start the game as normal and when on defense, line your defensive player right beside the quarterback.

Best Play:
At the Play Selection screen, press A twice to have the system pick your best play. The play will then be highlighted gray.

Extra Attributes:
At the Create A Player screen, reduce all of your points to zero, then put them back up to what you want (You'll lose 2 points if you put them up to 100). If done correctly, you'll have about 10-11 extra points.

Sega Sports Team:
Enter SUPERSTARS as the name.

At the Codes screen, enter TURBO as the name to get a turbo selection in the Game Speed Menu.

Big head mode:
Hold L + R and press B(x2), X on controller D at the "Black Box" logo.

Computer Kicks For You:
If you're in doubt of your kicking abilities, just press B to have the computer kick for you.
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