Чит коды на NBA 2002 (Dreamcast)

Cheat codes:
(Note! All codes are case-sensitive)
vc - Unlock hidden teams
heliumbrain - Big Head mode
alienbrain - Monster players
tvirus - Infected players
sohappy - Taunting players
whatamisaying - Alternate commentary
betheball - Be the Ball
the70slive - Retro uniforms
radical - Cool looks
Not so happy - Sigh mode
The cure! - The Cure! mode
Sartorial - Reset cheats

Bonus players:
(Note! First enter the Hidden teams code. All codes are case-sensitive)
Marrinson - "We're screwed" player
Stricker - "Yo" player
Dobson - "The Doctor is in!" player
Aynaga - "I am Seaman" player
Arnold - "It's a library thing" player
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