Чит коды на House of the Dead 2 (Dreamcast)

Infinite ammo:
While you are driving and geting close to the boss Herophant you will see a item in the middle of the road. Shoot it before the boss comes out and you will get the infinite ammo.

Secret Passage:
At the beginning of chapter 2 when the car drives in, do not shoot at it and when it crashes it will reveal a secret path.

Shoot The Rat:
When you see rats in chapter 3, shoot at them and they will take you to a bonus item!

Death Bullet:
Shoot the door behind fish attacking at third chapter with a 2.0 bullet.

Goldman Costume:
After completing a game in Original Mode, play the game again and the costume will be in the trunk of the car.

Get Red Blood:
Beat the game in Training Mode.

Unlimited Ammo:
Complete Training Mode with a 5 star rating on each stage.

Get All Items:
Complete Training Mode in all difficulty settings and you will get all items in Original Mode. An alternative to this is by completing Boss Mode.

Training Mode & Boss Mode:
Complete the game in Original Mode.

Emperor and Fight All Bosses Options:
In Boss Mode, beat all of the bosses with a ranking.

Extra Room:
Complete the game without losing any hostages.

Show Score:
While at the Title Screen, press Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Start.

Get Napalm Gun:
In the 1st Stage, get a head shot on the first 3 zombies.

Quick Firing:
Press A + B.

Unlimited Credit in Original Mode:
Beat all of the Boss Modes with 5 red stars for all bosses. You'll get one shot bullet and unlimited credit in Original Mode.
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