Чит коды на Half-Life (Dreamcast)

Enter these cheats under options once in a game:

Effect — Code
Xen gravity on earth — Xen teaches Black Mesa
No target mode (nothing attacks you) — Soldiers ignore Gordon
God mode — Otis loves Dreamcast
Unlimited ammunition — Dreamcast gives firepower
All guns available — Gordon Ignore Explosives
Slow motion mode — Action ignore silence

Level select:

Level — Code
Anomalous Materials — Gordon goes to work
Unforseen consequences — Gordon teaches physics
Office complex * — Files and fear
"We've got hostiles" — Soldiers visit Black Mesa
Blast pit — Safe and sound
Power Up — Big is beautiful
On A rail — Trains and rockets
Apprehension — Fear finds Gordon
Residue Processing — Recycle or die
Questionable Ethics — Regression brings progress
Surface Tension — Combat and death
"Forget about Freeman!" — Soldiers eat tacos
Lambda Core — Scientists at work
Xen — Fear and gravity
Interloper — Panic in Xen
Gornarch's Lair — Xenophobia and firepower
Nihilanth — Panic and die
Endgame — Answers beget questions

Level select (Blue Shift):

Level — Code
Insecurity — Barney goes to work
Duty Calls — Red and scary
Captive Freight — Combat and trains
Focal Point — Barney visits Xen
Power Struggle — Power is progress
A Leap Of Faith — Physics is beautiful

if you have a keyobard fo your dreamcast you can hit tild (~)
in game and to turn cheats type

sv_cheats 1

then enter the following for cheats

god - God mode
Noclip - move through walls and fly
impulse 101 - all weapons
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