Чит коды на Elemental Gimmick Gear (Dreamcast)

Regain Health:
If your character has less than 11 points of health, stand on the stairs and get hit, you should then get back up to 11 points.

Hitpoint Recovery:
This only works if you are lower than 11 hit-points. If you are about to die and desperate to gain some energy, go to a staircase. Allow an enemy to hit you while you are on the staircase and you will recover up to 11 hit-points.

Hidden Images:
Insert your game disc into a PC and search around the directories for .bmp files.

Extra Graphics & Enemy List:
Near the beginning of the game, use the talk command on the 2 computers to view extra graphics and an enemy list.

Hidden graphics:
Put the disc in your PC CD-ROM and you will find some
bonus pictures.

List enemies:
Locate two computers near the first save location at the
beginning of the game. Use the "Talk" command to view a
list of enemies and extra graphics

Easy Gabaro and Elements:
Go into the 1st floor of Fogna through the North Fogedge.
Follow the path until you get to the room with the frozen
floor. Upon entering use the spin to kill all the
LittleMurders. Stop spinning and head narrow opening on
top of the duct. Listen for the LittleMurders as the come
out of the wall and spin to kill them all again. Repeat
this to get lots of gabaros and elemental refills. Your
health should stay about the same, even with the spinning,
as you should get some health refills too.
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