Чит коды на Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 (Dreamcast)

Hold A and press Start to taunt.

Boss battle:
Beat both Shin Gouki and God Rugal in the Arcade Mode. Then highlight Arcade Mode, hold X+Y, then confirm. Release X+Y after you see the Player Select Screen.

Finest KO:
To earn a finest KO either:
Counter a super move with a special move, counter a special move with a level 3 super, counter a super move with a super move, or finish an opponent with a level 3 super during a taunt.

Unlimited Groove edit points:
To obtain unlimited Groove Edit points, complete All Survivor Mode using any options you like. After doing so, creating an EX groove worth more than 4000 points will prompt you for a confirmation.
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