Чит коды на Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (Dreamcast)

Cheat Codes (After pausing the game, hold L or R and enter following codes):
You'll hear a sound if done correctly.

Climb Walls - Y, Down, X, Right, Up, Down.
Have All Abilities - Up, Up,
Down, Right, Right, Left, B, Right, Left, Down.
Replenish Health - Down, B, Up, Left, Up, Left.
Max. Health - Right, B, Down, Up, Down, Up.
Upgrade Health - Right, A, Left, Y, Up, Down.
Replenish Magic - Right, Right, Left, Y, Right, Down.
Max. Magic - Y, Right, Down, Right, Up, Y, Left.
Ghost Mode - Down, B, B, Left, Right, Y, Up.
Hurt Raziel - Left, B, Up, Up, Down.
Aerial Reaver - A, Right, Up, Up, Y, Left, Left, Right, Up.
Soul Reaver - Down, Y, X, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left, Y, Right.
Kain Reaver - A, B, Right, Y, Left, Left, Right, Up.
Fire Reaver - Down, Up, Right, Up, Down, Left, B, Right, Down.
Make Fire Reaver - Y, Right, Down, B, Up.
Force - Left, Right, B, Left, Right, Left.
Constrict - Down, Up, Right, Right, B, Up, Up, Down.
Force Glyph - Down, Left, Y, Down, Up.
Stone Glyph - Down, B, Up, Left, Down, Right, Right.
Sound Glyph - Right, Right, Down, B, Up, Up, Down.
Water Glyph - Down, B, Up, Down, Right.
Fire Glyph - Up, Up, Right, Up, Y, X, Right.
Sunlight Glyph - Left, B, Left, Right, Right, Up, Up, Left.
Shift At Any Time - Up, Up, Down, Right, Right, Left, B, Right, Left, Down.
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