Чит коды на Aero Dancing: Featuring Blue Impulse (Dreamcast)

Cheat mode:
At the "Press Start" screen, hold L + R then Start and you have a all missions, Planes, Exhibition Mode and Bonuses: Dolphin & Buggy.
Enter IRA as your name and Male as your gender.

All Exhibition Levels, Planes, and Bonuses:
When Press Start appears, press L + R. If done correctly, you will hear an announcement.
Bonus Options

Then select Special on the Options Menu. New Options: HUD, Cockpit and Player Assist.

Bonus Planes:
Planes Mission
Blue Impulse T-4 Blue Impulse 10
T-2 Blue Impulse 15
F-86F Blue Impulse 20
F-4EJ Sky Mission Attack 1
F-1 Sky Mission Attack 2
F-15DJ Sky Mission Attack 3
Gray F-4EJ Sky Mission Attack 4
F-2 (F-16) Sky Mission Attack 5
Dolphin Sky Mission Attack 8

Full Pause:
Pause the game, press X + Y.
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