Чит коды на Warcraft 2: The Dark Saga (PS/PS2)

Enter the following codes at the password screen during game play.

Codes: Result:
DCKMT - All weapons technologies are upgraded to max.
NTPRF - Laser show
MKTS: - Building time is greatly shortened.
VRYLTTL - All spells and renewal of mana with each spell cast
NSCRN - Show entire map
GLTTRNG - 10,000 gold, 5000 lumber and oil
TSGDDYTD - Invincible units
NGLS - Disable magical traps (runes, ect.)
THRCNBNL - View ending
NVRWNNR - Removes victory sequence and lets you continue playing
NTTCLNS - Instant victory
YPTFLWRM - Instant defeat
VLDZ - Gain oil
HTCHTXNS - Gain lumber
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