Чит коды на Unreal: Tournament (PS/PS2)

Pause the game and press:
God mode - Square, Circle, LEFT, RIGHT, Circle, Square.
Max ammo - LEFT, RIGHT, Circle(x3), RIGHT, LEFT.
All weapons - LEFT, Circle, RIGHT, Square, RIGHT, LEFT.
Level skip - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT(x2), LEFT, Circle.
All characters - LEFT(x2), Circle(x2), RIGHT, LEFT, Circle.

Go to the title screen and press:
Unlock Fatboy Mutator - Circle(x3), UP, DOWN(x2), UP, Circle(x3).
Unlock Stealth Mutator - Square(x2), Circle(x2), Square(x2), Circle(x2).
Unlock Big Head Mutator - LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, Circle(x3).

Infinite Health:
At main menu press UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, X. Confirm correct code entry, the screen should shake. Now start a new game and beat the first level and save, then load your game.

Level Select:
Save your game and go back to the main menu. Once you are at the resume game screen, highlight your saved game and press UP, DOWN(x2), UP, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN.
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